Welcome to Why So Serious!



Why So Serious is looking for players to fill out our ranks who are purposely looking for a place to have some fun and who are eager to develop a sense of friendship between themselves and the rest of the members in the guild. If this fits your style, then please, keep reading. :)


If you're wondering what we are all about, the title of this guild basically sums it up. The members within Why So Serious have been in full-out raiding guilds, we've been in casual raiding guilds, we've been in progression-aimed raiding guilds, whatever floats your boat – we've probably been in it. However, we've found that something gets sacrificed when you get so focused on progression and getting up to the next number on the ranks. We feel that sometimes the thing that gets sacrificed is fun. And quite frankly, we like to have fun. We feel that friendship, goofing around, and general mayhem is what makes a raid and more importantly, what makes a guild. Without sounding too much like a Hallmark card, you as a person matter more here than whatever shiny lootzors character you have.


As a GM, I actually care about the people within my guild and I care to know who you are. Guilds just aren't as fun or as open and welcoming when you just kind of log on, go about your business, and log off...all without someone saying “hi” to you or asking how your day was or even caring that you were on in the first place. In fact, it's outright depressing. :-p I strive to have Why So Serious be a caring, welcoming atmosphere, and to be honest, that matters more to me than anything else that comes along with it.


While we are not necessarily only a raiding guild, raiding is something that we enjoy doing. We will be raiding heroic 10 man (flexing up to whoever wants to join) in WOD. We raid on Tuesday and Friday nights from 7:00 - 10:00pm server time/CST. With our core raiders, we ask that you normally attend both nights, but if RL requires you to be off one night occasionally, we have some standby raiders that can take a core raider's spot. If you are looking to be one of those standby raiders who casually, occasionally raids, then please feel free to talk to me about that as well.


The fact of the matter is: you may be awesome in raids, have a lot of experience, and will glide by rather smoothly. You may also need some teaching and encouragement as the whole thing is kind of new to you. All kinds will be welcome. I personally believe that anyone can be taught and that we should be willing to help you along where you may need pointers. We're not the type of guild who will push people aside because they're not “the best.” As long as you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach. The key factors we look for in a raider are people who put in the effort to improve their character and show consistency not only in that improvement but also in the desire to always look for ways to better yourself or your character.


Most of all though, we are looking for people who will fit in with our style of raiding and our style of guild. During raids, there will be joking around, there will be goofing off, and there will be encouragement in such activities if we're just hitting our heads against a wall and need a breather. Get nekkid and have a spontaneous dance party for ten minutes to loosen everyone up, and then get back to business. If you are the type of person who will encourage this type of atmosphere, you're in the right place. If you're ego-tastic and got an epeen stuck up in places unseen, then you really should just move on and find another place – that type of attitude is not welcome here.


In case you are wondering, we do not have an age requirement – however, we do have a maturity requirement. If you don't seem like you can handle our type of environment after we have interviewed you (which includes some adult-like jokes and occasional cursing), then we simply won't invite you so you can find a more suitable place. This is a friendly atmosphere, but I would not necessarily call it a family atmosphere -- the latter to me equals a great place for parents to bring their 8-year-old into the guild and that's just not us. :) Maturity is not based on age. You could be a 16 year old who is way mature and able to hang with us. You could also be a 32 year old who just acts like a moron. ;)


And with that said, recruitment is now open. Feel free to apply if you feel we're a great fit for you; we are known for making exceptions to what our current recruitment says if we feel you'd be a great addition.


If you are interested in being a part of our type of atmosphere, feel free to submit an application. All applications will be kept private between the GM and officers.


In the application, the answer to "Why do you want to be a part of this guild?" should have the phrase "and because I want to moodablu" at the end of it. Trust me, it is the right answer! - Bun


Thanks for considering Why So Serious. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or contact me in game on Pristene. You may also contact Bunwebe or Beman with any questions you may have.


I hope that you're a great fit for us and that we'll be hearing from you soon. :)



GM of Why So Serious


*Disclaimer*  Bun finds your lack of faith disturbing. >:)