Guild rules? WTF? There are guild rules?

I think one of the beautiful things about Why So Serious is that well... we try not to be too serious about this type of crap. However, chaos could reign without a few obvious rules put into place. And all it takes is one to say "Well, you never said that on your site, so you can't hold me to it." (Never mind that such a comment would lead to me playing SmackaHo...) So for those few, rare, beautiful people -- these rules are being put into place. :-p In all honesty though, if someone really steps out of line, the Queen or a Jack will cut off their head! *cough* I have no issues. ;)

  • In regards to raiding, we have a "core" 10 man raiding group. These 10 people are expected to show for each of our Tuesday and Thursday night raids. We do understand that sometimes real life pops up and you will not be able to attend for one reason or another; there is obvious leeway given in this regard. However, we do expect you to give us notice of this fact by both "declining" on the calendar invite and sending Pristene an in-game mail detailing why you will not be able to attend. If an emergency comes up and giving notice is impossible (and you are not able to log in remotely), then please let us know at the earliest possible time. In that type of situation, not saying anything to us after the fact is just kind of rude and will not be regarded well. While we do have our "core" 10 man group, we also have "standby" raiders. These raiders have expressed an interest in raiding but in more of casual fashion. Their names are added to the guild calendar invite and if they "accept" on a given night and a spot is open (a core member cannot make it), they will be "confirmed" the night prior to raid and expected to show.

  • Please do visit our guild website. It doesn't have to be every day, but once a week would be nice. There could be important information put up in regards to strats or videos for an upcoming raid, as well as any kind of important announcements. In order to see these Member Only areas, you DO need to register an account with Guild Launch. Click on "Register" at the top and get to choppin'. Also be sure after registering to go through the guild roster and "claim" any of your characters to your account (it's the easy way of doing it).
  • ALWAYS have a friendly attitude toward your fellow guildies, and well, toward anyone you come in contact with in-game. We will not put up with assholes. We will not put up with ego-maniacs or the waving of the epeen like its the greatest thing ever. That is just not our style. Quite frankly, you have a high likelihood of being removed from the guild if you're like that -- so if that is who you are, please don't even bother applying. We want friendly, fun-loving people to add to our already great group we have here in the guild.
  • You are expected to have certain addons to help you perform your duties better as a raider. The biggest requirement is Deadly Boss Mods. Other recommended addons for your own personal use are certain UI mods like Vuhdo or X-Perl, a damage/heal meter to observe how you are doing compared to your other raiders such as Recount or Skada, and Decursive or something similar for dispelling bad debuffs off your fellow raiders.

  • If you haven't already, download Ventrilo. Instructions for what to do with Vent is under the "Do we have a voice chat?" FAQ question on this page. The vent address is in the Guild Information tab in-game.

  • Have a headset or speakers/microphone in order to be able to speak on Ventrilo.

  • I'll be honest - our guild environment is an "adult-friendly" one where we do crack adult jokes fairly often. It is also one full of sarcasm and wit and random joking around. We do not have a rule in regards to an age-limit. We do however have a rule in regards to your maturity level. You could be 16 and totally mature enough to hang with us. You could also be 30 and just plain acting stupid. Age is just a number; maturity is key. So your acceptance into the guild will be based on maturity more than numbers.

  • Trade trolling. Don't do it. Being a loot ho. Not accepted. General douchebag-ness. NOPE.

  • I will not tolerate any racial, religious, or homosexual slurs within guild chat, raid/party chat, or Vent. Be careful before you start throwing words around in these areas, as even if YOU are joking around, someone else may not take it that way. (Example: saying "That's so gay" is actually offensive to those who are, even if to you, it's just "slang." Use your words wisely. We're promoting a welcoming atmosphere, not one that alienates others.) If such a thing were to happen, you would first be warned about it and asked to watch yourself in regards to this area. If it becomes a constant thing, there will be consequences.

If you have anymore questions regarding the guild which is not addressed here, please feel free to ask either the GM or an officer about it. We'll pretend that we have all the answers. ;)

What in the world do these guild ranks mean?

For those of you not into pop culture or something, "Why So Serious" is a trademark line of the Joker's from The Dark Knight. Basically, our guild ranks are based upon the Joker and the idea of his calling card. The most important key factor about our ranks is this: we do not operate on a "rewards" rank system. In other words, there is no pecking order. There's no jumping up the rank ladder to pretty good things. While competition is great in some respects, I want this guild focused on being a TEAM. A team that helps each other out and aims to help the guild as a whole - basically no "me me me" mentality. The actual guild ranks are based on a card deck, and the member ranks are specifically based on the suites. Each suite is devoted to a specific role within a raid/dungeon. The character's rank will be solely determined by their main spec. For further details about each rank, read below:

  • Wild Card -- This is essentially our "trial" rank within the guild. You've been invited to the guild but we're still testing the waters to see if you're a good fit for us, or quite frankly, even if we're a good fit for you (we might not be). This "trial" rank usually lasts for about two weeks after you have first joined the guild. (There will always be a note within your character for the officers/GM to be able to know when your trial expires.) Basically, if we're both happy with how things are going, you will then be promoted to the rank appropriate for your main spec. If for some reason we feel like we have not gotten a chance to get to know you after the two weeks have past (maybe you haven't been online much for instance), then we will extend the trial period till we have a better feel for who you are.

  • Spades -- This is the beginning of the "role" ranks I spoke about in the opening paragraph. This rank is specifically reserved for characters with a main spec in the "ranged DPS" department.

  • Clubs -- This rank is specifically reserved for characters with a main spec in the "melee DPS" department.

  • Hearts -- This rank is specifically reserved for characters with a main spec aimed at "healing" our sorry butts. ;)

  • Diamonds -- This rank is specifically reserved for characters with a main spec aimed at "tanking."

  • Royal Flush -- This rank is reserved for any of the GM or officer alts. Basically this allows them to be able to still do any of their leadership duties from another character without having to hop on their mains. 

  • Jack -- This rank is reserved for the officers within the guild. All I have to say is -- treat them with respect. There is a reason why they are in this position -- it's because they are trusted. I believe they are fully able to handle the position and, if needed, lead in my absence. You may ask them any questions you have about the guild, and you can bring any issues you're having to them if the GM is not around. They will then bring it to the GM and other officers and we will handle the situation accordingly. If for any reason you have an issue with a Jack, please feel free to approach me (Pristene) about the issue and I will handle it.

  • Queen -- This rank is reserved for your GM, Pristene. Yes, she has a big head and she likes her crown on top of it. If you call her "Your Highness" there are extra cookies involved for you. ;) lol, but in all seriousness, I'm the one with all the "guild controls" at my pretty little fingertips. I want to make it very clear that if you are unhappy with something that's happening with the guild, I want you to come to me. I can't fix it if I don't know that you're unhappy. If I am able to fix it, I will, and if I'm not able to or unwilling to, I will be honest about that with you and will encourage you to find a guild that will make you happier. Please know though that I do take one thing very seriously here within this guild -- the fun, friendly atmosphere. If it's not one of those two things for you or the majority of guildies, I want to know so it can be changed. That's what this guild is supposed to be -- fun. It's supposed to prove that friendship and fun can be more important than shiny ranks. Who knows, we may get up those ranks as we've got a talented bunch of people, but that's not the thing at the forefront of our minds. Instead, enjoying each other is. That is my goal for Why So Serious. And if you feel it slipping, come to me. I will actually listen and try my best to rectify the situation. I'm a leader that actually cares about you - the person behind the character - more than anything else. May sound Hallmark-y, but it's the truth. And honestly? Sometimes it's rare.



When do we raid?

We raid on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm to 10pm server/CST. I can tell you that we will be primarily aiming at 10 man raiding as I find 25 man raiding to be a logistical nightmare and headache -- and quite frankly, the quality of people tends to diminish sometimes when you get to that point. We will also only be running the one 10 man group as I have also found that having two 10 man groups promotes an "us vs. them" mentality and quite frankly, rips guilds apart.


Do we use a voice chat?

Yes, we do -- we are using Ventrilo for all of our runs as well as any general chatting mayhem you all want to participate in. If you are one of the few who does not already have Ventrilo, you are required to go download the client in order to be able to listen to instructions in a raid. You can download it here for your system: Be sure to choose the correct version for your specific computer from under the "Client Programs" area only. Of course, you will need to be able to both hear and speak on Ventrilo for raids, so make sure that you do have a headset in order to do so. (I do realize there are some exceptions to the rule, so if you're very uncomfortable talking on Vent, something can be worked out. We're not crazy Nazis in regards to the talking aspect - just more that it's important that you're able to at least listen.) The address for our Vent server is located in the Guild Information tab in-game. When your Vent program is opened, click "New" and add the address and the port for our server and you should be good to go. If you have any problems getting Vent set up, feel free to talk to anyone in-game as we are all probably able and willing to help. You may also leave a post on the Addons and Technical Support forum on our site if you are unable to find anyone online at the time.