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Welcome to Why So Serious!

If you're wondering what we are all about, the title of this guild basically sums it up. The members within Why So Serious have been in full-out raiding guilds, we've been in casual raiding guilds, we've been in progression-aimed raiding guilds, whatever floats your boat – we've probably been in it. However, we've found that something gets sacrificed when you get so focused on progression and getting up to the next number on the ranks. We feel that sometimes the thing that gets sacrificed is fun. And quite frankly, we like to have fun. We feel that friendship, goofing around, and general mayhem is what makes a raid and more importantly, what makes a guild. Do we raid and progress? Sure. Is it the very air we breathe? No. Each other is. If that sounds like something that you'd like to be a part of – a place where you as a person matters more than your shiny lootzors character – then please, feel free to read more about us by clicking on the Who We Are link at the top. If after reading about us, you are still interested in joining, please click on the Apply to Guild link to the left to submit an application. Thanks for your consideration. :)

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